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Melissa Hanssen


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Melissa is Principal in the Pension Administration practice at Fuse, partnering with clients to structure and solve their modernization and operations challenges.


In her role, Melissa lends her expertise to leaders in pension operations. Prior to Fuse, she served as Manager, Client Operations at Alberta Pension Services Corporation, where she led teams through multi-year modernizations, supported the implementation of a new governance model for 3 major pension plans, and developed numerous strategies to overcome complex barriers, including resolution of transaction backlogs and increasing employee engagement. She is focused on continuous process improvement, efficiently navigating pension administration operations and leading highly effective teams.


She has a Bachelor of Commerce from Athabasca University’s Faculty of Business and is currently completing her project management certification.

Improving the member experience in pension administration starts with improving the front-line pension operations team experience – I am passionate about modernizing the tools, processes and organizational culture to achieve this outcome.

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