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The world is

Retirement should too.



for an uncertain future

At Fuse, we’re passionate about strategy development, scenario planning and business transformation – and helping our clients use these tools to tackle their toughest challenges. We can help you:

Fuse is a research-driven strategy firm, partnering with pensions, investors and policymakers to improve risk-taking and retirement outcomes.  We provide capability-building advisory services to our clients, equipping changemakers to design and deliver the modernization journey.  We invest in innovative primary research, generating data-rich learnings that challenge industry status quo.

Prepare for an

uncertain future

  • Develop a rich, evidence-based understanding of how your business environment is changing

  • Build fluency in emerging technologies and transformative trends

  • Define your organization’s role and desired impact

  • Align your diverse stakeholders around a case for change

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Choose your

path forward

  • Develop and test your strategy

  • Design the organization and capabilities required to deliver on your vision

  • Prioritize your decisions, initiatives and resources

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Execute with


  • Design and govern effective transformation programs

  • Partner with value-adding experts and solution providers

  • Implement your business and technology plans

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Want to make an impact?

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our team

In the summer of 2021, we surveyed Canadians to understand their feelings about retirement: here is what we learned.

In the summer of 2022, we released Reframing Retirement - a behavioural study of what retirement means to Canadians and why it matters for pension plans.

Recently, we've been spending time focused on Empowering Investment Managers through Technology

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