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Reframing Retirement

What would have to be true for a pension plan to be a product you would buy? If you work in the pension industry, does your organization approach pension plan design through the lens of customer value? What value proposition would make a pension the best use of a Canadian’s hard-earned money? Does retirement have an image problem?

Fuse interviewed Canadians to explore these questions – and we learned about what retirement means and what themes are closely related to the concept. We created segments based on the insights we uncovered and explored the constraints they faced. And we imagined how pension organizations might use these types of insight to change for the better.

This research is intended to deepen our understanding of what retirement means to Canadians – and to catalyze a more creative conversation about how the value proposition of pensions might evolve. We’d love to hear your feedback on this – we hope you find it informative and inspiring!

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